Trisha’s Story – A LipiFlow Experience

Dry. Then burning. Now watering. For two years, Trisha suffered almost daily from the frustrating symptoms of dry eye disease. She avoided fans and heaters. She poured moisture drops into her eyes until they overflowed. She scrubbed and massaged her eyelids, but her symptoms remained. Some days her eyes were so tired, that the former night owl would fall asleep at 8 pm!

She wasn’t the same person; her friends and family wondered why she looked so tired all the time; why she went to bed early. The truth was that she simply couldn’t keep her eyes open any longer.

“As an Optician, I am familiar with dry eye and have heard patients describe the same symptoms I had,” she said. But it never occurred to her that what she was experiencing wasn’t normal; that there was something else that could be done. “I had had enough,” she said. “I decided to schedule a Dry Eye Evaluation with Dr. Day and his specialist Kari.”

She found the initial consult to be very interesting and informative! She was started on prescription eye drops and topical treatment immediately. “When I heard about LipiFlow, I couldn’t wait, and I scheduled my treatment for the very next day,” she said.

“The LipiFlow treatment was quite relaxing.” She described it as if she were in a spa and having a facial, except that it was over in less than 15 minutes!

The results were dramatic. “Within a couple weeks of having the treatment, I actually forgot that I had dry eye!”

Almost a year after her LipiFlow treatment, Trisha reports that she is doing great! She still uses eye drops, lid scrubs, and Omega Fish Oil, but since the LipiFlow treatment, she can now keep her eyes open long enough to enjoy an evening with friends, or even catch the Late Show!

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